Corporate Governance

Well-managed companies are more successful – but there is no “one size fits all” for what constitutes good corporate governance. Our long-standing experience in issues of corporate organization helps our clients to look beyond legal restrictions and short-term trends. Every company is unique, and corporate governance needs to reflect this. We help to ensure that Swiss companies remain best in class in international comparison.

  • Advice on the composition and duties of the Board of Directors
  • Advice on organizational matters, particularly the interplay between the Board of Directors and Executive Management
  • Advice in boardroom disputes
  • Advice on the organization of enterprises, in particular for international groups of companies
  • Support in establishing internal risk and control functions and their powers and duties
  • Prevention of liability lawsuits
  • Bulletin
  • News
  • Publications

Homburger partners Claudia Suter and Andreas Müller honored with Lexology Client Choice Awards


Homburger partners Claudia Suter, Andreas Müller and David Oser honored with Client Choice Awards


Homburger partners Jürg Frick, Claude Lambert, Gabrielle Nater-Bass and Georg Rauber honored with Client Choice Awards


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Monismus, Dualismus und Entscheidungsqualität – Eine schweizerische Perspektive