Our arbitration experts have extensive experience representing clients in the field of international commercial and investment arbitration as well as with other forms of alternative dispute resolution.

Our attorneys are qualified in various legal systems and bring a wealth of know-how and practical experience allowing for the provision of top-rate, comprehensive and pragmatic legal advice from the moment a dispute arises to its final resolution. Several team members also act as arbitrators or mediators or appear before arbitral tribunals as legal experts.

We provide comprehensive legal advice and representation in commercial and investment treaty arbitrations, whether ad hoc or institutional, as well as in related state court proceedings. Our core competencies include:

  • Case assessment and strategic advice
  • Assistance with settlement negotiations before or during arbitration proceedings
  • Representation in commercial arbitration proceedings, whether ad hoc or under institutional rules (DIS, ICC, LCIA, NAI, Swiss Rules, UNCITRAL or VIAC)
  • Representation in investment treaty arbitration proceedings, whether ad hoc or institutional (ICSID)
  • Advice regarding enforceability or possibility of setting aside arbitral awards
  • Representation in parallel or related Swiss state court proceedings, including interim relief, enforcement and challenge proceedings

We work with clients to draft enforceable jurisdiction clauses, multi-tier arbitration clauses and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) clauses. Our core competencies include:

  • Drafting and reviewing of contracts, including jurisdiction and arbitration clauses
  • Development of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) strategies
  • Representation in all forms of ADR proceedings, including before mediators, expert panels and dispute boards
  • International judicial assistance
  • Issuance of legal opinions on Swiss law

Services as Arbitrators, Mediators and Experts

In addition to advising and representing clients in arbitration and other ADR proceedings, several of our lawyers act as arbitrators or mediators themselves or appear before arbitral tribunals as legal experts. This experience gives us insight into the arbitral process and the dynamics of arbitral tribunal decision-making, strengthening our ability to effectively advise and represent our clients.

Experienced International Team with Industry-specific Know-how

We are attorneys with diverse, multilingual backgrounds who are trained or have experience working in multiple jurisdictions. Through extensive experience in arbitrations involving different industries and regions, we have the necessary know-how and industry-specific knowledge to tackle even the most complex proceedings. This includes:

  • Know-how in numerous industries, including the commodities, construction, natural resources and energy, pharmaceuticals, and transportation sectors
  • Experience in different jurisdictions (civil law and common law) and representing clients in proceedings under both Swiss as well as foreign procedural and substantive laws
  • Experience with high-value, complex, and political disputes