Real Estate

Our Real Estate Team has extensive knowledge and experience in real estate related legal matters. Our interdisciplinary approach enables us to provide comprehensive legal services to domestic and foreign real estate investors and real estate departments in all industry sectors, real estate developers and real estate investment funds, and other companies in all areas of real estate law.

Real Estate Transactions

We rely on experience from handling various real estate portfolio sales, and regularly act as lead counsel in real estate transactions and work together with local law firms and notaries. Our core competencies include:

  • Sale and acquisition of real estate, industrial, commercial and residential real estate
  • Sale and lease-back transactions
  • Real estate carve-out transactions
  • Legal due diligence, contract drafting and negotiations
  • Permits (for example, Lex Koller, Federal Law on Agricultural Land Rights)

Real Estate Development

We provide comprehensive support for real estate development projects. Our core competencies relate to:

  • Project support (advising and representing project owners in contract negotiations with investors or project developers, contract drafting)
  • Construction agreements (incl. relevant domestic and international standards)
  • Advice on matters of tenancy law
  • Joint venture (ARGE) contracts and PPP-contracts
  • Public procurement law (domestic and international)

Real Estate Finance

We advise real estate lenders and investors on all aspects of real estate and real estate projects. Our core competencies include:

  • Bilateral and syndicated credit facilities to finance projects, including refinancing and restructuring
  • Structured financing where combining credit facilities with capital market instruments or mezzanine components
  • Real estate related collateralization of credit facilities

Litigation and Arbitration

We have long-standing and internationally recognized experience in representing clients in international and domestic proceedings before state courts and arbitral tribunals in construction and other real estate related disputes. Our core competencies in this area include:

  • Representation in international and domestic state court and arbitration proceedings in connection with construction agreements, in particular with respect to industrial plant construction and infrastructure projects, as well as real estate transactions
  • Representation and advice in connection with alternative dispute resolution mechanisms (DRBs, DABs, etc.)
  • Representation and advice relating to proceedings involving property matters (including workmanship liens, neighbour rights, etc.)

Lex Koller | Secondary Residence Regulations

We regularly advise on regulatory issues concerning real estate acquisitions by foreign persons and represent clients in relevant permit proceedings before public authorities. In addition, we advise clients on legal matters concerning secondary residence regulations in Switzerland.

Real Estate Tax

Together with the experts from our Tax Team we advise clients in connection with tax optimized structuring of real estate investment and divestment transactions.

Our core competencies include:

  • Advice on all types of real estate taxes (real estate income tax, property transfer tax and VAT, land registration fees) applicable to real estate transactions in all cantons in Switzerland
  • Advice on tax aspects of real estate financing